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Shout Box v0.6

Making a Shoutbox with PHP and jQuery! No database required! Instant Setup.


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What is a Shoutbox?

This script is based on Making a Shoutbox with PHP and jQuery from tutorialzine.com. The major difference is we are not using any other libraries just pure php and jquery all the data are stored in a text file.

We are going to build a shout box with PHP and jQuery, which allows visitors of your website to leave short comments to one another. Shouts will be stored on the server as a file, no database like MySQL or SQLite will be required.

On the client side, we are using plain jQuery code, and the Emoji One library, which is a free project and library for adding pretty emojis to web apps.


  • =0.6=
  • Just Released!


Just copy the files in a online web server or a local LAMP environment and make sure that the file comments.txt is writeable and you are set!


You can always ask us for installation support from our contact form. We will be happy to assist you.

Custom configurations and personalizations are available for a small fee.