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OpenTracker v0.1

A Bittorrent PHP Tracker. Create your own Torrent Tracker!

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What is OpenPHPTracker?

OpenPHPTracker is a bittorrent tracker, this is a script that allows you to deploy a website for sharing torrents.

Its bittorrent php tracker.

Full responsive html coded with Bootstrap. Some other js libs used: Slick, Lightbox, Justgage, Select2, Bootstrap-editable.

If you have any more ideas for this script please feel free to submit them ether on the feedback button or the contact me page.


  • Major rework has been done in code and other aspects in an Online VPS as Test Environment
  • Script is based in BittyTorrent over at github
  • PHP 7+ is NOT supported.
  • First BETA Release!


The script comes with complete source code and PSD files. You are allowed to modify it to your liking, and if you are a web developer or designer, you can even install it on your client's sites.

There are, however, a few limitations:

  • You cannot resell this script
  • You cannot redistribute, or otherwise make available any version of the script, or parts of the script
  • You cannot use parts of the script to power other software.

For example you cannot turn OpenTracker into a WordPress plugin and offer it for sale. You also cannot reuse the graphics, stylesheets or js files of the script in other projects

Contact us for any licensing issues or questions.


You need to be running PHP5+ and MySql on an Apache web server.

PHP7+ Is not supported for now...


All modern browsers are supported (IE8+, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, Opera)


To install OpenPHPTracker, you do not need much!

To begin, create the file `db.php` in the folder `libs`, send your file on ftp and open your browser to the selected domain name. You should see the installation page! Follow the installation instructions.

Once the installation is complete, you must delete the install.php file, libs/db.sql and put a chmod 644 on the file libs/db.php.

Also make sure to chmod and make writeable the cache folder and the 2 folders in uploads directory.


You can always ask us for installation support from our contact form. We will be happy to assist you.

Custom configurations and personalizations are available for a small fee.