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BitSeek v2

A Torrent Meta-Search Engine. The script is a torrentz.eu - clone, it works and index torrents automaticaly, rating system, no mysql, imdb info plus youtube trailers and much more! You only need a normal host with as much as ftp space as possible...

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What is BitSeek?

This script it was an idea i had long time now it uses the css/styles of torrentz.eu i tried to copy their major functionality etc. The script after some research iv done is made to run in all virtual/shared hosts. In tecnical aspects it uses SQlite3 that means u dont even need mysql. You only need a normal host with as much as ftp space as possible many hosts offers like unlimited MB hosting coz the database may get really fast really big that depends how are u filtering the torrents that u import. It uses CRON to import torrents for database indexing from other sites that have API or scripts can be done to even Scrape other sites for torrents. I have made 2 scripts to import/scrape torrents one for bitsnoop.com API and one for newtorrents.info and i can easy add any other cronjob script to scrape any site ;p ideas?


  • New Faster Cronjobs implemented.
  • Removed old cronjob files that dint work or sites closed.
  • New IMDB Class implemented.
  • A new function installed in config for banner rotation that supports: wide / boxed and horizontal banners
  • New (2) methods for peer stats are used the new method requires php_sockets with the old working as a backup
  • New Cron: MkvCage and minor fixes in all cronjobs. Now we are working and we are compatible with PHP 7.0+ and optimized for SSL also.
  • Implemented a new Cache System. For Internet Search page
  • Rewrite for all database calls and optimize for speed.
  • Fixed Cronjobs , Imdb Trailer Detection, Subtitle Api (NOW enabled in demo). And minor fixes all over.
  • Updated Cronjobs. Bitsnoop, ExtraTorrents, Kickass is Dead. Demonoid Updated, 1337x Scraper Added.
  • Bitsnoop is dead. New API implemented for seed/peer STATS from zooqle.com
  • New IMDB Embed Trailer Functions Implemented
  • IMDB Scrape Class Custom Code to Fix Movie Images
  • New cronjob scrape for torlock.com
  • All cronjob reworked and optimized (more needs to be done...)
  • New cronjob scrape for limetorrents.cc
  • New trailer search function as the old yahoo method is stopped working....
  • Cronjobs: Kickass / Fenopy / Newtorrents are outdated or sites is deleted. New cronjobs soon(tm)
  • Bitseek now uses PHP PDO for database support includes sqlite3 and mysql and more!
  • New Subtitle Search function for the torrent page (php xmlrpc extension required.)
  • New faster crons to get torrent stats for the database.
  • New admin function to delete torrent & sources
  • Cronjobs new and rewrited: kat.ph api, snoop api, fenopy scrape, piratebay scrape and all the old ones...
  • Moved out of Gettext translation to array based system! help me in translations!
  • Cron Job Files updated and reworked
  • Faster Seeds / Peers stats gathering
  • SQLite 3 Support
  • Updated IMDB Class
  • Added disqus.com comments (make account there and edit the t.php file with the shortcode in js.)
  • Added new cronjob that can work with yify & newtorrents
  • New cronjob scrape for yify-torrents.com


The script comes with complete source code and PSD files. You are allowed to modify it to your liking, and if you are a web developer or designer, you can even install it on your client's sites.

There are, however, a few limitations:

  • You cannot resell this script
  • You cannot redistribute, or otherwise make available any version of the script, or parts of the script
  • You cannot use parts of the script to power other software.

For example you cannot turn BitSeek into a WordPress plugin and offer it for sale. You also cannot reuse the graphics, stylesheets or js files of the script in other projects

Contact us for any licensing issues or questions.


You need to be running PHP5+ with SQLite3 and CronJobs, It can run in any web server.


All modern browsers are supported (IE8+, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, Opera)


To install BitSeek you only need to edit a config file and upload it to your server.

You also need to setup some cronjobs for the torrents updates to work here is an example:
tip: make sure none of your cronjobs run at the same time.

0 */2 * * * cd /your/www/domain.com/bitseek/cron; /usr/bin/php -q new_scrape.php
0 */2 * * * cd /your/www/domain.com/bitseek/cron; /usr/bin/php -q yify_scrape.php
0 */2 * * * cd /your/www/domain.com/bitseek/cron; /usr/bin/php -q kat-import.php
0 */3 * * * cd /your/www/domain.com/bitseek/cron; /usr/bin/php -q zero_db_update.php
0 */4 * * * cd /your/www/domain.com/bitseek/cron; /usr/bin/php -q longterm_scrape.php

Before you contact us for any issues please read our general help page fist!


You can always ask us for installation support from our contact form. We will be happy to assist you.

Custom configurations and personalizations are available for a small fee.